Shipping your product to our service center

Audio Elements TechShop is an Factory Authorized Service Center


If you are not in the Atlanta Metro Area and need to ship your device to our service center for repair or maintenance, we suggest UPS or FedEx for quickest and most affordable option.  Reference these maps to find estimated shipping times from your location to us using standard ground shipping methods.


Audio Elements TechShop
669 Antone St. NW
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30318

Please be sure to contact us before shipping any packages so that we can prepare for your device’s arrival.

Audio Elements TechShop is an Factory Authorized Service Center


For In-Warranty repair requests we will need a copy of your original receipt, and will need to confirm with the manufacturer that the device is in warranty and repair is authorized.

For out of warranty devices, especially vintage units, we may need to confirm availability and pricing of parts.

Unless otherwise stated by manufacturer, shipping costs to and from service center is the responsibility of the customer.  It is preferred that return shipping is purchased by customer at the same time as inbound shipping, and the return label is included inside the box.  Otherwise, there will be a 10% surcharge on shipping costs to customer if we need to arrange shipping.  We will return device in the same packaging the unit arrives in unless the box arrives damaged beyond usability.


Please make sure your device is packed properly.  Box-in-box method is preferred for maximum protection.  Please use original box if available, inside a shipping box with peanuts or bubble wrap.

Device should have at least 2″ of protection on all sides.  Be especially protective of rack ears, which are prone to getting bent if impacted.

Be sure to secure any moving parts such as tone arms, and protect any protruding knobs and switches from becoming bent or broken off.

Individual woofers and tweeters require special protection.

It is suggested that any especially sensitive components such as needles and cartridges be removed and given their own internal package for maximum protection.

For tube amps, it is recommended that tubes be removed and individually bubble wrapped, to protect against breakage.  Otherwise, tubes and be shaken loose during transit and might become damaged if left to bounce around inside the cabinet.

Flight cases always provide the best protection if available, we highly recommend, especially for larger and heavier units.

DO NOT include and standard input or output audio cables such as XLR, 1/4″, 1/8″, or RCA, or any other audio cables that were not included in the original manufacturer packaging.

Do NOT include any standard universal power cords (IEC 320C13).

DO include any specialty power cables, external power supplies, and wall warts.